In English
(forthcoming) July 7-12, 2019 Reproducibility in machine learning: the case of AlphaFold, 2019 International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology biennial meeting (ISHPSSB 2019); Oslo, Norway (with Nino Tolić) [link]
(forthcoming) June 26-28, 2019 Vices of virtue-based research ethics, Zagreb Applied Ethics Conference 2019; Zagreb, Croatia [link]
(forthcoming) June 17-20, 2019 AlphaFold – black boxing and reproducibility, Summer School 2019: Philosophy and Technology; Institute of philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia [link]
June 29, 2018 Publish or perish! What’s EVO got to do with it?, Scientific Method: Testing, Experimenting, Controlling Results, Workshop for and with Jutta Schickore; Bielefeld University, Germany [programme]
June 5-7, 2017 The Who Question of Autonomous Cars, Zagreb Applied Ethics Conference 2017: The Ethics of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; Zagreb, Croatia (with Nino Tolić) [link]
July 24-30, 2016 Climate change as a game with 7.4 billion players, Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students; Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Germany [programme]
May 24-25, 2016 Cooperation, communication and groups, Contemporary Philosophical Issues: Society, Agency and Knowledge; Rijeka, Croatia [programme]
July 27-31, 2015 Trait-groups and the problem of altruism (research talk), First Interdisciplinary Summer School on Individuality in the Life Sciences: Superorganisms, Organisms and Suborganisms as Biological Individuals; Seminarzentrum Gut Siggen, Germany
April 6-9, 2011 The King of Quake – is there an avatar in MMOFPS?, 5th International Conference The Philosophy of Computer Games; Athens, Greece (with Nino Tolić) [link]
May 16-19, 2010 Does a “human meteor” have a moral duty?, 9th Lošinj Days of Bioethics: International Symposium Integrative Bioethics and New Epoch; Mali Lošinj, Croatia
In Croatian
November 13, 2015 Tko se boji neizvjesnosti još? Klimatske promjene kao društvena dilema kolektivnog rizika [Who’s afraid of uncertainty? Climate change as a collective-risk social dilemma], Climate justice: perspectives from natural and social sciences; 1st annual conference of the Institute for Political Ecology, Zagreb, Croatia
August 31 – September 2, 2012 Konfesionalni vjeronauk u javnim školama [Confessional religious education in publicly funded schools], 13th International Philosophy School Felix Romuliana (Secularisation and repoliticisation of religion); Zaječar, Serbia (with Nino Tolić)
November 25-26, 2010 Prirodni zakoni i istina u biologiji [Laws of nature and truth in biology], Symposium Pitanje o istini u suvremenoj filozofiji i znanosti [Question of truth in contemporary philosophy and science], annual symposium of Croatian Philosophical Society; Zagreb, Croatia
May 18-20, 2009 I reče čovjek: ‘Neka bude svjetlo!’ [And man said: ‘Let there be light!’], 8th Lošinj Days of Bioethics: International Symposium Integrative Bioethics and New Epoch; Mali Lošinj, Croatia
June 9-11, 2008 Hidroelektrana Lešće – lažna dilema [Hydro-electric power plant Lešće – a false dilemma], 7th Lošinj Days of Bioethics: International Symposium Integrative Bioethics and New Epoch; Mali Lošinj, Croatia
June 9, 2008 Povezanost biomedicinske i ekologijske perspective u bioetici V. R. Pottera [The link between the biomedical and ecological perspective in V. R. Potter’s bioethics], 7th Lošinj Days of Bioethics: Student Bioethics Workshop Health: Pluriperspectival Bioethical Approach; Mali Lošinj, Croatia
March 21, 2016 Mladi istraživači – perspektive i izazovi [Young researchers – perspectives and challenges]; Rijeka, Croatia; within the project Building a support system for young researchers [link]